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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So I am on a new mission before school starts to learn everything I can about HTML coding. I have to create a web page for my my blog may be rather strange for awhile in my experimentation process. I'll let my fans (yea you 2 are the best!) know when it's done so yall can oogle at this coded masterpiece (HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! :P)

p.s. Something cool happened to me yesterday. When I went to TKD, my old instructor was teaching. He even had a present for me! Turns out that when I was studying for my black belt before, my mom had paid him to put a UTF (universal tae kwon do federation) patch on my uniform. He did it, and he kept it all these years that I was not in TKD on the hope that I would one day come back. It nearly made me cry when he gave it to me. And it still fit! :) pics to come.

oh wait Im supposed to be working!