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Friday, January 27, 2012

poetic thoughts

the shadows of the world that lay
will pass
and on one morning the light of day will rise
at last.


ode to a pot of boiling beans
worried that it would boil over
instead i can home
to the smell of burning.
ironic- the thought of the water
that needed pouring
charred the bodies
without the agua roaring.


tiny little kitty
shakes her tail like so
looks at me
keen green eyes
giving me a show

what does she want?
i pence to please
bats her eyes
licks her tail
little pink paws
daftly still
so frail

waltzing up on the table
upon which
she's not really able
pushes me her eats.

why she wants nothing but the
2 calorie
Medley Temptation treats!

Thank you WalMart
for your supply
the cheap and affordable
little kitty prize.


je suis fatigue.
bon nuit mes amis.
au revoir

*bows low*
*exits stage right. * lmao

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A love poem for my friends

I go back to those moments
The memories we shared
Each time I feel lonely
Each time I feel scared.

I go back to those moments
We were riding so high
With my gelding and your mare
Over the dunes we did fly.
Leather bridles
and faux fur hats
We were the coolest cowgirls
You ever did pass.

Or do you remember
Sitting under the trees
Cherry blossoms falling
All around us were leaves.
How we laughed and we sketched
And the sun was just right
We'd dream on forever
Even through the night.

Then there was you
the Elusive Guide I grew to know
Growing up was the hardest
when our hearts were covered in snow.
Some fateful storm
pushed us together
And when the crying was passed
it was your smiles that made it better.

Yet another I know
Is way out in Georgia.
Stronger than most
I adore her so much
Uncle Sam came calling
and she did what was right
She put on those boots
And marched into the night.
Oh how I miss her
We used to sing
Cry up at the moon
Hear the echoes ring.

One is set on a boat over the ocean
A sailor's heart
Gave her great premonition
Eyes like the waves
Ever crashing against the rocks
I remember talking
and how in talking I would get lost.
For the Ocean is so grand
I can not comprehend
The depths that she wanders
Or the ropes she doth tend.

Even the one's I am forgetting to mention
Hold a place in my heart
This is intention.
I remember it all
My feelings deplored
Take the good with the bad
And my heart doth soar.
I see much love in my life
And for that I do pray
Not for the religion of all
But for religion the same.

May you all be strong
And weather this storm.
Nothing is forever.
I pray your hearts to soar.

And if ever you need
A guiding hand for the road
Won't you look up to the stars
And remember this moment
Remember the feeling
Of what we did know
And hold it close as you can
And don't ever let it go.