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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Boys of Winnemucca

The boys of Winnemucca
Deserve a loud applause
Gone away for 15 hours
Shift work night or day.

The boys of Winnemucca
Have families great and small
Every day they miss them
And every night they call.
8 days on/ 2 days off
4 days on/ work non stop.
They work those shifts
With crews long bent
And come home beat as a dog.

Covered in ash
Covered in grease
5 o'clock shadow
Eyes drooping down for sleep.

The boys of Winnemucca
Deserve a lot of love
Gone away for 15 hours
Shift work night or day.

The boys of Winnemucca
Break their back
For the one's they love
And we should really call them Men.
For a miner's work is hard and harder
Down in shafts so dim.

(soon to come- girls of winnemucca lol )

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Honorable Mention

So- the results from the poetry contest I entered a year ago came back. My poem- "The Parting Birds" got an honorable mention from over 5000 applicants. Also- its being published in a book. Nothing big, but it made my day :) I'll try again next year, too.
Here's the poem-

The Parting Birds

As the snow fell
The little sparrows came
At first one at a time
And then like the rain.

They came from a place
That grew little grain;
And they had heard the rumors
These fields once sang.

But the hope summer wrought
Happened too cold to grow
And the waves of once
Luscious grass
Got covered in snow.

Little tracks of despair
With their hopes and their dreams
A sparrow's prayer for grain
A day became weeks.

Yet, it was from their belief
There came a great Parting
Where the silent clouds opened
And heaven's grain, finally, fell soundly.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Freedom Is

Freedom Is...

Freedom is a Nevada Range
Listening to the radio
Setting your own stage.
Freedom is a Constitutional stay
Holding a bloody document
That we fight to display
Freedom is a Right and a Choice
to pursue your own Happiness
which ever way.
Freedom is working to the bone
Because you believe it
Not because you are told.
Freedom is a Boxer
Standing in the ring
Fighting for your life
Or fighting just to sing.