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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Snake in the Grass

A slippery snake slithering through the grass
Slides silently under your eyes; it's past.
What evil lurks disguised in the color
of a green lovely grass; the ending of summer.
Winter will come and snake will retreat to his hole
And what he leaves behind; you may not know.
But later some day when the next spring has sprung
You go outside- to have a bit of fun.
and while frolicking in your expected paradise
the grass and the ground cave in to your demise-
And there you will sit with a broken leg
In the den of a family of dual hiss fangs.

So let these words of warning ring to you
Not every snake is honest or true.
Most hide themselves and speak with forked tongues;
then set their traps so you are undone.
The more power the snake has, the bigger its den
You had better watch out for that poison and sin.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Liberty Sound

Freedom carries a banner of the Red White and Blue-
riding a bay horse galloping through and through;
her golden hair streaming out and teeth shining towards the sun.
Hear the hooves thundering down; lightning is that liberty run.
And her, my how she sits! Tall and proud.
Three hundred years her words still sound
As the wind blows against the ground.
And her horse keeps a' going; the sweat flying in beads
Through the storm he carries her; his heart beats against her knees.
Have you seen her passing? Waving through your town?
There is nothing quite so powerful as hearing
That liberty sound.