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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Snake in the Grass

A slippery snake slithering through the grass
Slides silently under your eyes; it's past.
What evil lurks disguised in the color
of a green lovely grass; the ending of summer.
Winter will come and snake will retreat to his hole
And what he leaves behind; you may not know.
But later some day when the next spring has sprung
You go outside- to have a bit of fun.
and while frolicking in your expected paradise
the grass and the ground cave in to your demise-
And there you will sit with a broken leg
In the den of a family of dual hiss fangs.

So let these words of warning ring to you
Not every snake is honest or true.
Most hide themselves and speak with forked tongues;
then set their traps so you are undone.
The more power the snake has, the bigger its den
You had better watch out for that poison and sin.

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