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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Angel and Devil meet on the street

An Angel and a devil
Meet on the street
The Angel is comely
The devil, discreet.
By the shade of a lamplight
devil hides his eyes
A sinister smile yields
A cunning disguise.
Angel steps forth
With kindness and strength
Ready to defend
And tend to his sheep.

'Why, Angel, do you step
Into the light
Where you know you can't see
Where you know it is bright.
Isn't it hard to open your wings
When darkness surrounds you
And there is no one who sees?'

'Devil be damned
I come not for you.
I am looking for goodness
Through and through.
God has forsaken;
But I still believe.
There is goodness among you
And for the badness I grieve.

If there is any in darkness
Who choose not to be
I'd have them come forward
And choose to be free.'

'Angel it seems you are quite insane
We are all of virtue
To Our lord's happy ways.
We do much to our liking
Because you do not care
Your God has forsaken
Under our bosom
The sheep share.
They have all that they wish
Why do you think them unhappy?'

'What you speak is all twisted
From your malicious ways.
A wolf in sheep's clothing
Does not make you brave.'

And out of the darkness
Angel heard a cry
Of a little girl in pain
Coming toward the light.

'Oh Child, come to me
Rid this darkness from your eyes
Together we will fly away
God has blessed your very life'

The girl ran up and hugged the angel
And up and up they flew.
They left that city of sin and pain
And what else only God and the Devil knew

Monday, March 25, 2013

A gnarled old willow

A gnarled old willow
Asleep in the field
Casting shade like a pillow
To the critters who yield.

Her roots run deep
To anchor her in
A shovel won't move her
Neither will wind.

Not even fire
Will smolder her down
she's stronger than the flames
That cower around.

Oh what a burden
Oh what a crone
Sitting there lazy
In the field where I roam.

But I need to plant seeds
I plead and I plead
So I try to remove
And it is only myself that grieves.

She's got a whole family
Asleep in that field
Waiting for rain
To wake and to feel.

But for now she is lazy
And stronger than time
I'm unsure how to remove her
So I thought of this rhyme.