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Monday, March 25, 2013

A gnarled old willow

A gnarled old willow
Asleep in the field
Casting shade like a pillow
To the critters who yield.

Her roots run deep
To anchor her in
A shovel won't move her
Neither will wind.

Not even fire
Will smolder her down
she's stronger than the flames
That cower around.

Oh what a burden
Oh what a crone
Sitting there lazy
In the field where I roam.

But I need to plant seeds
I plead and I plead
So I try to remove
And it is only myself that grieves.

She's got a whole family
Asleep in that field
Waiting for rain
To wake and to feel.

But for now she is lazy
And stronger than time
I'm unsure how to remove her
So I thought of this rhyme.

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