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Thursday, April 28, 2011

go back to sleep America

I don't care about your politics!
Let's go on a carnival ride!
Up and down,
Side to side!
I've got $2.00 left
let's buy some cotton candy
Forget about the war!
Isn't this dandy??

The man on the street is doing an act!
He's painted up silver!
Robot Attack!

A cop stands by
A smile concerning
Pistol at hand;
Baton oh so yearning!

But I don't care about your politics!
I am having a blast!
Let's go draw our portraits
And play music fast!

Don't pay attention
to the grim news report
Rising gas prices
Libya's retorts!

Eat some pie! Do a dance!
Screw it all! Take a chance!
What do you care
half your money doesn't exist
Leave it to the old folks!
I gotta piss!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As some of you know, I am going to be getting my black belt soon. In order to do that, I have to be REALLY in shape. We are going to wake up early, run 5 miles and then go through absolutely EVERY TKD move/maneuver/pattern that there is to know. And THEN I am going to go test.

And you know what? I am fine on all of that except for the running 5 miles. Running has always and forever been one of my most difficult struggles in life. I am always fighting something when I run. If it's not my breath, then it's my knee or my heavy ass legs, or my stubby thighs or my lack of muscles...whatever.

Ever since my knee surgery when I was 13, I have had on again off again problems. I can't go down steep hills without it feeling like a knife on the underside of my kneecap (still can't). If I stress myself too much and do too much activity, it starts to ache like no one's business. So I have been trying to give my knee a break and work out other parts of my body.

But yesterday I discovered something amazing. I was 5 minutes into my run when the pain decided to return. I was really pissy for about 2 minutes because I figured that my whole workout was shot, but then I tried something new. I tried running on my toes, and holy crap. No knee pain! And then I figured that if I just imagined myself being really light and my legs being lighter than a feather (not easy I assure you) my run got a LOT easier. It surprised the hell out of me!

So now I have a little bit more confidence, but I still can't go very fast. I am not wanting to either, just because of my knee. But also because...well. I'm not built like a Kenyan dammit. But I WILL finish my 5 miles.

There is no doubt of that. Yoga seems to be helping out too. My knee used to bother me 2-3 times per week...and besides yesterday's run, I haven't felt the pain in at least 2 months. I figure that's a pretty good sign that I am doing something right.

I still need to practice my 2 step sparring and remember 4 forms that I have forgotten. Should be interesting.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ode to a rainy tuesday

Pitter patter rain
and a little tai chi
in an unfinished building.

my sister and I
transitioning smoothly.
the wood feels raw
with saw dust and sand
an exhale release
and a wave of my hand.

spring mist in the air;
a sweet pitcher of life.
I hold my cup
and fill it with love.

oh these times.
they are silly.
too much pain.
too much misery.

Part the horses mane
Bend over the knee
Close your eyes
Feel the chi.