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Thursday, April 28, 2011

go back to sleep America

I don't care about your politics!
Let's go on a carnival ride!
Up and down,
Side to side!
I've got $2.00 left
let's buy some cotton candy
Forget about the war!
Isn't this dandy??

The man on the street is doing an act!
He's painted up silver!
Robot Attack!

A cop stands by
A smile concerning
Pistol at hand;
Baton oh so yearning!

But I don't care about your politics!
I am having a blast!
Let's go draw our portraits
And play music fast!

Don't pay attention
to the grim news report
Rising gas prices
Libya's retorts!

Eat some pie! Do a dance!
Screw it all! Take a chance!
What do you care
half your money doesn't exist
Leave it to the old folks!
I gotta piss!

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