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Friday, January 27, 2012

poetic thoughts

the shadows of the world that lay
will pass
and on one morning the light of day will rise
at last.


ode to a pot of boiling beans
worried that it would boil over
instead i can home
to the smell of burning.
ironic- the thought of the water
that needed pouring
charred the bodies
without the agua roaring.


tiny little kitty
shakes her tail like so
looks at me
keen green eyes
giving me a show

what does she want?
i pence to please
bats her eyes
licks her tail
little pink paws
daftly still
so frail

waltzing up on the table
upon which
she's not really able
pushes me her eats.

why she wants nothing but the
2 calorie
Medley Temptation treats!

Thank you WalMart
for your supply
the cheap and affordable
little kitty prize.


je suis fatigue.
bon nuit mes amis.
au revoir

*bows low*
*exits stage right. * lmao

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