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Thursday, February 24, 2011

more strange unedited poetry

I invited Fear to dinner the other night
He showed up early
The dark was light.

I made a delicious feast of a meal
which we both looked upon
with strong appeal.
Fear's black eyes drew in heavy
the feast of a dinner
about to succumb to his belly.

And me? Well I thought
This is a sight.
Me and my friend
between candle light.

Asparagus spears,
Biscuits and beans.
A piece of ham, a bit of cheese.
Half of a chicken
A dark red wine
Our fingers grew greasy
The crumbs fell quite easy.

Fear said, why you out did yourself this time
And I said, why yes. It was all fine

And I leaned back and pulled a neat smile
For this I did feel as a child.
Fear got up, and I gave him a hug
Thank you for coming; now you must run
So I bid you goodnight
Out of sight
Out of sight.
My name is Courage
Time to blow out this light.

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