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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Loon and the Lion

The Loon and the Lion

The people will vote
For a Loon or a Lion
On a near judgement day
For a flag that is lying
Flying away.


There is nothing
Oh nothing
Nothing I can say
To change the course of action
Our country might stray.

And here we are
On the verge of WW3
Won't you
Put down your Obamaphone
And listen

They are sending the troops in today
Yes today
Going to bomb:bomb:bomb

Get that nuke before she cooks
All our hair and good looks
Coming to America
It's the day before
Before she shook.
It's coming
Better not look.


Oh I'm crazy
"Yea. She's crazy."
I was just in the Panamint Valley.
I saw the fly boys-
Yes I did.
Getting ready for war.
"Yea. She's crazy."
Totally Detached.
No one else
Save Alex Jones
Can wear this crazy hat.

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