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Sunday, September 30, 2012

We will witness the climax

I don't know if anyone reads anymore
And I have no feeling for time.
Each day is another page to the novel
I feel I am living in rhyme.
30 days past September
And tomorrow is the First
Only a month after that
The world will know its curse
Will you care?
Will you listen?
Will you watch it on CNN?
Will you laugh, will you cry
Will you jump up and fly
A loud crash in the sky
All your hopes
All your dreams
All the seams in between
Would you even know your prison?

Would you know it to be your cell
When you have GMO cancer
And are living in hell
Will you care?
Will you listen?
Would you even change a thing?
When life is so easy
Obama gives you his money
It's alright, he's just fine
You won't owe him a thing.

Do you care?
Do you listen?
Have you even made it this far?
Do you know which pill
The red or the blue
Or the path to the top of the hill?
They say the suicide's greatest
When life gets too painfully mundane
For what's yours is mine
And what's mine is yours
And we all fit nice in a frame.

But what does it matter.
I am only a number
A statistic with an English name.
A girl to be short
I've never seen war
But I am terrified and ashamed.
For I am scared of what's ahead of us
And ashamed of what's behind
We were promised the best of generations
But what we got was not so kind.

Did you care?
Did you listen?
When you sent us out for facts
We did blue book essays
And SAT brainwaves
ACTS and progress reports
I did quizzes and multiple choice
Took stream samples and learned to use my voice
Did it matter? Did I learn?
No, I don't think a lot.

I got A's and 4.0 ;
I don't remember a thing.
But some person somewhere
got a whole lot of money
From all of my debt miseries.
My histories were all twisted
And science was misted
I didn't know right from wrong.
I couldn't swing a hammer
Or grow what I needed
I guess you could say
I was slow to belong.

30 days past September
And tomorrow is the First.


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