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Friday, March 13, 2015

Proper use of modern grammar

This phone keeps me connected to the world that I enjoy
I can touch the screen and learn anything
about the world and everything that's in it.
I can play games and Facebook whomever I please
Taking calls? Sure it does that, but I don't really use it
Just for texting things like 'wut u doin' and 'lol'
To all those that I am close to.
I had to stop using real words to fit in with the cooler crowd
so I went back and deleted all the punctuation and
rearranged wurds like- that came from my mouth.
I even took a college class to learn more and become profishent
'tho I don't know y. I don't need to no wut they say
But I paid for wut college tot. Isn't this so much better?
Now I'm dope and super cool because I write like I say
and who needs those lame wurds anyways?

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