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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The horse and her family

The horse didn't know there was a better way to be
and all of the people were convinced she was happy and free.
The horse was alone in a 40 acre lot
with nothing much to accompany her;
 just some chickens and ducks.
 The man that had brought her here
scared her with his stick
 how he had hit her in the face;
this she wouldn't forgive.
 For she never got too close to people
after that day 2 years ago
she'd keep them all at a distance always
an eye on which way they would go.
 But the lady knew this couldn't last because
 Horse's toes were growing and two years
is a very long time to not see a farrier coming.

 The lady didn't know there was a better way to be
though all of the folks in town were convinced
 she was just ugly and mean.
 But she loved her horse through all of her vices
And she gave her ducks a pond and
Horse would watch them try it.
She would shake her head at the thought
of the man she was with he had hit her too,
and this she would not forgive.
 For she never got too close to people
 even though they were always around
 She never gave them too much credit
 for they made her so unsound.
 But her granddaughter knew this couldn't last
because she loved her grandma so
and two years is a very long time
 to not let any love sow.

 The granddaughter didn't know any better
 when she went out to that horse.
She had brought her a shiny apple
 struggling to push a good day forth.
For in her 10th year she had seen too much
of her mother's bad habits and
 her father's nasty drugs.
 It was only when she went to visit her
 Grandmother that she was allowed any slack
where she could say hello to the horse
 and splash water on ducks
. For she never got too close to people
(they were never around anyways)
She wandered outside to where that lonely horse could be found
And there, much to the surprise of all who were watching
 is where the little girl pet the horse that hadn't been touched in two years.
And Grandmother saw through the window of her house and ran outside in a hurry.
 The horse knew this wouldn't last
as she spooked backwards as if in trance.
And the farrier saw as he pulled up in his truck
A Grandmother holding her Granddaughter back
as the little horse sniffed and showed him her back.
 but that girl stretched out and gave her a hug.
2 years was a very long time Indeed, without any love.

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