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Thursday, December 8, 2011

letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
If you exist, please bring me a Gretsch G6136STL Silver Falcon Guitar for Christmas. It is so sexy I could play it all night and day. It's so bold that it speaks to my soul and breaks quarter notes around my heart.

She plays pure fire and I would write a whole album of lyrical composition if I could only replace my electric that broke. Did I not mention that? Big Red met her demise. She had her neck broke off in the middle of the night. I still have no idea how it happened. I woke up in the morning and she was upside down on the floor, practically in two. Broke my heart. I mourned. Guitar suicide maybe? No, I think one of the dogs got too rowdy and pushed her over. (Remus obviously didn't like Fender).

Never mind the price, Santa! It is but a mere trifle of an investment. Sure, I could buy a champion Horse for that price- I know this to be true. I could also by a car, a new floor for my house, or any number of useful things! But for right now, I am going to print out a picture and hang it in my office. Just to look at. Possibly, I'll get all starry eyed and daze off for a bit- thinking about all of the licks I could strum out, hearing that sweet sound that could be nothing but a Gretch.

Well Santa. I know you don't REALLy exist. And if I still believed in you at 25, I'd kindly hope one of my kind readers would commit me. I do know that this is an outrageous post, however, when have I ever been anything but outrageous? And there's a piece of everyone that is!!


p.s. Hope everyone is kicking butt for finals/shopping/whatevs! Blessings.

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