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Monday, December 6, 2010


I remember the best Christmas I have ever had. I was probably 7 years old, and I had waited all month for Santa Claus to come. Patiently, I decorated ornaments in school, wrapped hand made trinkets for my mom, baked a ginger bread house and arranged ornaments all over the tree. Well. It's easy for me to say patiently now, but when I was 7, it was probably a whole different case. I wanted Christmas, and boy I was going to work my tush off if it meant that I would get some one on one time with Mr. Nick.

So I did. And I made cookies, and I cleaned the house, and I did my chores. My mother probably loved it, because I was the most motivated she had ever seen me.

And after all of that work, I stayed up on the 24th, determined to catch him in the act. I was going to wait by the door (we had no chimney, and I could not logically see him squeezing through the heater vents), until I saw the fat man myself. I stayed up until I fell asleep. I didn't know how tired I was, until I woke up Christmas morning, and there was a new teddy bear under my arm, and a Lego castle by the couch I had passed out in (yea I loved legos and knights).

Hands down the best Christmas ever. What is your best Christmas?


  1. I'm still pondering. When I figure it out, I shall be sure to tell you. o.-

  2. Weeeeee! 2 more weeks! And you know's already a good xmas. I mean...I got to hang out with YOU, you are going to come down, plus my friend Aly is going to be here and I might see Sariah! See, it's not all about presents to me. I think I have some of the best friends in the world!