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Saturday, November 7, 2009

for the people I know

I am starting this blog thing for people to get a chance to see some of the stuff I do on a regular basis. No, I am not currently working either, so I should get a varied arrange of responses. I am expecting everything from "stop being a bum and get a job!" to "decide what you want to do already" to "it's raining outside" and hopefully more "you are doing ok!" (though I don't expect it. I am pretty down on myself these days, so this is my attempt to a)give myself something to do and b) post my artwork so people can see I am not a run down nobody at least.
The job search process is worse than you know. People say I am not trying, but I am. I just suck at it and find it hard to relate. Sure I have had jobs before, and I know the meaning of work, it's just that most people do not consider claimstaking a skill. Most people don't even know what Trimble or GPS is, much less can give me any credit for it. In fact MOST people don't even know what a fucking topographic map is, so how can I EVER ask anyone to know what it is like to be above 10,000 feet getting lost on a hill when a storm is moving in. I have stopped trying. I am working on my self esteem. See? I am happy.
In all reality though, I am happy. I feel like I truly live a blessed life. I have Jen, two cats, a dog, two wonderful amazing parents, a sister, and a legion of friends whom I love and trust dearly. Despite the economy and current situations I know of the places I can go. I guess what I mean to say, is that I am trying.
And I just wanted you all to know how much you all mean to me.
That is all for now.

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